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  1. How Did the United States Schipperke Club Start

The United States Schipperke Club would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a group of about 130 likeminded Schipperke enthusiasts. The United States Schipperke Club was born in 2006 with the idea we accept all color Schipperkes with or without tails.  Here is our story.  

Around 1998 a current member of now USSC and his wife witnessed an event that had a dramatic impact on their lives as Schipperke breeders and as members of the Schipperke Club of America.  You can imagine his expression when he spotted the “golden boy” in the whelping box… alongside his jet-black sister.

Within hours of this birth, this member contacted the VetGen Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where their researchers were doing studies on color in a handful of breeds. At his request, VetGen sent a DNA swab kit for both parents and the two puppies; and he took the samples and returned them within a few days.

Not long afterward, VetGen reported back that the DNA samples sent had enabled them to pinpoint the “color genes” in the chromosome chain of the Schipperke.  This meant, they reported, they were only a few research-weeks from being able to offer a “color test” for Schipperkes.

Some years ago SCA’s Code of Ethics called for breeders to avoid registering Schipperkes of color.  Happily, this condition no longer is part of the Code, since we got nowhere by “hiding” these animals.  It is part and parcel of the need for an “open registry” in the Schipperke fancy to record and use to our advantage all information on disqualifying genetic faults.  AKC and UKC allows for all color of Schipperkes to be registered. UKC allows all solid color Schipperkes with or without tails to show in conformation.  People need to know where these genetic variations exist.  We gain no ground by bucketing or hiding these animals.

In 2002, DNA tests were developed by VetGenlaboratories in Ann Arbor, Michigan to identify coat color-genes in a number of breeds, including the Schipperke.  As a result of these tests it is now possible to determine whether a black Schipperke does or does not carry a colored gene, and therefore whether it is possible to breed for or against color in offspring.

The Schipperke is shown in the United Kingdom (U.K.), Australia, New Zealand and South Africa under standards based on that produced by the Schipperke Club of the U.K.  The popularity of the blonde Schipperke in the U.K. has increased significantly  in 2008, for example, the Best of Breed in the Annual Crufts Dog show was a blonde female.

While Schipperkes of color other than black are not accepted for conformation competition under the FCI or the SCA standards, they are accepted for conformation competition in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In these countries, other whole colors have been acceptable for many years and both Black and Colored varieties compete together in the breed ring.

The United States Schipperke Club has held two Specialty Matches over the last two years. We have petitioned the UKC (United Kennel Club) to be able to hold pointed shows. The USSC is proud to announce that the UKC has accepted our provisional status. The “USSC Schipperke Specialty Show” will be held in Athens Tennessee, October 26, 27 & 28, 2018 at the McMinn County Expo Center/ Athens Regional Park, 2405 Decatur Pike/ Hwy 30, Athens. TN. Information and “Premium” will be sent out and posted on the USSC Facebook page and website.  We hope to see you all there.

The members of the USSC are people that want to see the Schipperke breed flourish.  The USSC was established to protect Schipperkes of all colors with or without a tail.  USSC was incorporated in Delaware and is a National/International Club with approximately 130 members at present (2018). USSC welcomes all Schipperke Fanciers of all levels. Whether you are a serious competitor or a Schipperke fancier we will welcome you. USSC offers educational opportunities at our annual Specialty. We do a quarterly newsletter that is sent electronically or mailed to each member. The newsletter contains educational information to our members. USSC has a website that we are developing that will be a source of education for the public as well as members. For more information please contact our Secretary at email: or any other officer or board member listed below.

USSC Board

President​​Sharon Furr



Vice-PresidentLorraine Moule



Secretary​​Dian Tamas



Treasurer​​John Comish



Board MembersDiane Harris



​​​​Suzann Lancaster



​​​​Randy Solomon



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